Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Adventures!

Having just spent the last 9 years of my life in Juneau, where you must travel by boat or plane if you wish to go beyond the main 47 mile stretch of road, I have come to appreciate roads, that is those that connect to other places.  Of course part of the charm of Juneau, in my  opinion, is the fact that it is quite isolated, due to the proximity of the sea, steep mountains, glaciers and icefield, which make building a road that connects Juneau to other places difficult.  [For those who are not from Juneau, there has been ongoing debate for a very long time about building a road from Juneau]  Needless to say, I rarely found myself craving the open road while in Juneau because the landscape just didn't allow it and I was quite content hiking on familiar trails and viewing the glacier, well that never got old.  Now, living in Dunedin, I have fallen into the habit of leaving town for the open road just about every other weekend.  
From a mountain south of Dunedin, looking over farmland.