Tuesday, January 18, 2011


This might be rather cliché, but I must have an entry devoted entirely to sheep.  Sheep abound in New Zealand, well at least in the places I’ve been to on the south island so far.  

Monday, January 10, 2011


For years I have flirted with coffee.  At times I'm a committed connoisseur, other times I swear it off completely.  When we left Juneau, I decided to have a last hurrah with the hot and steamy beverage.  After all, we were embarking on a several week road trip USA (mainly to bring our dog, Kayan, to stay with friends in Colorado) and what’s a road trip in the states without coffee???  I would fully indulge myself and then planned to break free of my caffeine love affair once we got to New Zealand, because I assumed the hot beverage of choice would be tea.  WOW, was I wrong! 

Cappuccino, note the chocolate powder on top!