Monday, January 10, 2011


For years I have flirted with coffee.  At times I'm a committed connoisseur, other times I swear it off completely.  When we left Juneau, I decided to have a last hurrah with the hot and steamy beverage.  After all, we were embarking on a several week road trip USA (mainly to bring our dog, Kayan, to stay with friends in Colorado) and what’s a road trip in the states without coffee???  I would fully indulge myself and then planned to break free of my caffeine love affair once we got to New Zealand, because I assumed the hot beverage of choice would be tea.  WOW, was I wrong! 

Cappuccino, note the chocolate powder on top!

New Zealanders take their coffee very seriously.  As I’ve looked for jobs in the paper and online the ads for baristas literally state that to be qualified you must have a love and passion for coffee to work at their establishment.  It certainly shows in the presentation and deliciousness of their coffees. 

Very pretty Latte
It’s all about espresso here: lattes, cappuccinos, and long blacks (like a small Americano) to name a few.  It is literally not possible to get a drip coffee, unless you want instant coffee, no thanks.  My favorites have been lattes and cappuccinos and I indulge myself at least once, okay twice + a week.  I have been a coffee with milk/cream drinker in the past, but I’ve discovered that a layer of lovely little raw sugar crystals on top of my milk foam is a perfect match for my renewed romance with New Zealand coffee.  

It's a fine art decorating my coffee with sugar crystals
View from the cafe looking out to one of Nick's surfing spots


chandra* said...

For me it was Tip Top ice cream. Seemed like a 31 flavors was at every petrol station. Espresso is probably a much healthier choice. :)

Kelly and Nick said...

I have recently indulged in Tip Top as well. I had the chocolate eclair flavor, mmm. Perhaps if Dunedin were warmer I would be more swayed to ice cream. Did they have Kapiti brand when you were here? It is divine ice cream, though it costs an arm and a leg!

Molly said...

great coffee pics