Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Decision

As we made our way back into granite creek basin, a popular hiking trail in Juneau, M, J, and I talked about how lucky we were to have each other in our lives on a daily basis.  We also talked about where our lives would take us in the future.  M and J planned on returning to Dunedin [New Zealand] in a year and a half; Nick and I planned on moving to Portland [Oregon] at about the same time.  We fondly talked about how we would take
advantage of our time living in the same place; hiking, biking, going to the local play and movie establishments, skiing, kayaking, and sharing meals and drinks over several seasons.  We had hoped there was some way we could extend our time living in proximity.  I shared our uncertainty about moving to Portland due to the economic downturn and that Nick and I had pondered sticking it out in Juneau for another year until things looked more promising down south.  Then M asserted, half joking, “Why not just get working holiday visas and move to New Zealand for a year and then go to Portland when the economy could be looking up again.”  As we meandered down the trail we worked out the finer details of this option and I came to realize how perfectly this plan could come to life.  M would be returning to New Zealand in late summer of 2010, J would follow shortly thereafter.  We could come sometime in the fall shortly after they had arrived and settled back into their New Zealand lives.  When I got home I shared the idea with Nick.  Well, literally all I said was, “What do you think of postponing our move to Portland by a year and going to New Zealand instead?”  Without any questions or hesitation Nick simply replied, “Yes, lets go.”  So, the planning started and about a year and a half later here we are feeling lucky to be in Dunedin with our friends M and J.  


Molly said...

Looking good, Nick and Kelly. I'm looking forward to being a loyal follower!

Laureen said...

I am glad to see your blog...so I can keep up with you both!