Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Photo Tour of Dunedin

Welcome to a photo tour of a few parts of Dunedin!  Dunedin is a very large city land wise and is made up of many diverse suburbs.  Population wise, Dunedin has about 100,000 people living here year round and about another 25,000 students who come for the academic year.  Here are some photos from St. Clair, the "inner city" as they call it here (also known as downtown), Maori Hill, and the Otago Peninsula.  

St. Clair beach looking south

St. Clair Beach looking north

St. Clair beach is one of Nick's places to go surfing!

From the hillside above town looking across the harbor to the Otago Peninsula

The inner city

Looking toward Mt. Cargill from downtown

The Fortune Theatre.  I hope to go see some plays here!

Side view of St. Paul's Cathedral

The entrance steps of St. Paul's Cathedral

Walking up to Maori Hill, a very good work out.

Taking a break while walking up the steep streets of Dunedin.

Urban artwork

Pathway through the trees to get to Maori Hill

A road ending in a staircase?  This reminded me of Juneau!

Maori Hill wildlife

View from Maori Hill neighborhood

The Harbour Mouth Molars

Looking out to the mouth of the Otago Peninsula
Beach on the Otago Peninsula

The Otago Peninsula from atop the Harbor Cone

Cabbage Trees and the harbor

The Railway Station

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