Tuesday, January 18, 2011


This might be rather cliché, but I must have an entry devoted entirely to sheep.  Sheep abound in New Zealand, well at least in the places I’ve been to on the south island so far.  

It only takes 10 minutes by bike from downtown Dunedin and you’ll be riding past a sheep paddock.  There are many hiking trails throughout the south island that include a traverse through sheep paddocks to get to your final destination.  Some of these sheep will watch you suspiciously as you ride or walk past, ready to flee if you even think of approaching them.  Others will just continue to munch away on their patch of grass.  
View of sheep and the ocean on a bike ride out the Otago Peninsula
Entering the sheep paddock to hike up the harbor cone

Random poster/advertisement for Speight's beer.  I think it speaks for itself.


Molly said...

baaaaaa! BAAAAA! I know NZ'ers laugh at our enthusiasm, but sheep, especially lambs, are really freaking cute! If NZ'ers make fun of your great appreciation of sheep, just remind them how NZer's act when they see a squirrel in North America.

Peter said...

So woolllly and warm. Thank you sheep for my woolies that keep me warm year-round. Love your photos! Looks so pastoral and peaceful.

Sara said...

They're sooooooo cute

Sara said...

I have the forst sheep photo as my background.