Friday, February 4, 2011


When moving to a new place, there are inevitably changes or adaptations that occur in our behavior, language, and perspectives of everyday things.  Sometimes these changes are deliberate and quite consciously made.  For example, I now drive and ride my bike on the left hand side of the road, I use the expression “can I make you a cuppa?” when interacting with New Zealanders (most especially the elderly folks I work with), and I have decided hanging your washing out on a line is far superior to using a clothes dryer.  Other changes
occur slowly and subtly as you settle into your new local.  My mind was drifting yesterday as I sat in the sun and I realized that I have started to drink large quantities of hot beverages.  
Get your mirrors, our tea selection looks a bit funny after
I took the photo with the computer camera...
In fact I’ve significantly cut down on my consumption of plain ole water in favor or a cup of tea, coffee, or milo (Milo is the equivalent of Ovaltine, I’ve never had ovaltine, as it’s always sounded rather unpleasant to me, but my oh my have I fully embraced Milo.  I usually have at least 2 or 3 cups of the stuff a day!).  

Another change that has occurred unintentionally is that I have become a keen bike commuter.  (Note the use of the word keen, very New Zealand).  I have used a bike in the past to commute to work, but never on a regular basis, as I preferred to drive.  Here it just makes more sense to commute by bike, at least most of the time (when it is really windy it’s not so much fun).  
The Harbor.  Sometimes I bike past the harbor on my commute around town.
Here are a couple reasons I’ve become a keen bike commuter:  1) parking is expensive 2) fuel/diesel/petrol is expensive (I suppose I could also say it’s better for the environment, but really I have discovered I’m more economically motivated on this point) 3) I get some exercise everyday.  I have found all these changes really refreshing and at times I even surprise myself at my new way of saying, doing and thinking about things!


Sara said...

As much as most of us hate change... its actually alot of fun. I love change and I am so happy that you are ajusting well. LOVE & MISS YOU KELLY

chandra* said...

Well good on ya! ;)